Silver Creek, a Wisconsin trout stream View from Sky Valley trail, Jasper, Alberta. A couple large carp from the Lemonweir River, Wisconsin. Mormon Coulee Creek, a Wisconsin trout stream



DVD: How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

DVD: Trout Streams of the Tetons

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DVD: Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

Trout Streams of the Tetons

Trout Streams of Virginia

Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

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Trout Stream Videos of Wisconsin

The DVD "Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North" is now available for purchase on Just click on the picture to the left and you will be redirected to that site.

This is a 2 disc video, run time is 3 hours 32 minutes. 57 different streams are profiled. The DVD also contains a 75 page E-Book (pdf file on disk 1) that you can read at your leisure on a computer.

Here is a list of the streams covered by the DVD: Ash Creek, Bear Creek, Billings Creek, Bishop Creek, Bohemian Creek, Bostwick Creek, Boydtown Creek, Buck Creek, Camp Creek, Chenneye Valley Crk, Chipmunk Coulee Creek, Coe Hollow Creek, Coes Valley Creek, Cooley Creek, Coon Creek, Copper Creek, Crow Hollow Creek, Du Charme Creek, Dutch Creek, Elk Creek, Fancy Creek, Farmers Valley Creek, Gran Grae Creek, Hornby Creek, Kepler Branch, Kickapoo River, Knapp Creek, Lietner Creek, Little La Crosse River, McGraw Creek, Melancthon Creek, Mill Creek, Mormon Coulee Creek, NF Bad Axe River, Otter Creek, Picatee Creek, Pine Creek, Pine River, Plum Creek, Reads Creek, Richland Creek, Rullands Coulee, Rush Creek, Seas Branch Creek, Silver Creek, SF Bad Axe River, Spring Coulee Creek, Springville Branch, Sugar Creek, Tainter Creek, Timber Coulee Creek, Warner Creek, Weister Creek, WB Mill Creek, WB Pine River, WF Kickapoo River, Willow Creek.

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How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod Part 1 PART I: HOW TO FLY FISH WITH A SPINNING ROD This is an excerpt from my DVD Trout Streams of SW Wisconsin and also serves as an introduction to how to fly fish with a spinning rod. I have made numerous and significant improvements to the technique and these will be revealed in a DVD to be released later in 2018. I will release a trailer for it when it is out, so if you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will be alerted at that time.
White water rafting in Wisconsins Wolf River WATCH WHITE WATER RAFTING THE WOLF RIVER Fishing was a bit slow so we rented a raft from Forest River Rafting and floated 12 miles from Hwy 64 to County Hwy M. These are class 3 rapids. At 600 cfs it was a fun float.
19 inch Brule River brown trout, WI-MI WATCH 19" BRULE RIVER BROWN TROUT WI/MI I just started filming my next DVD, Trout Streams of Michigan Upper Peninsula. Things have been going well as I started off by catching this good sized brown trout from the Brule River along the Wisconsin Michigan border.
SW Wisconsin Trout Streams DVD Trailer 1 WATCH BROOK TROUT STREAMS OF CRAWFORD COUNTY The is a compilation from the SW WI DVD featuring brook trout streams of Crawford County. Prior to 2000 most of these streams had no trout at all but following the DNR's stocking of wild strain fish now support a thriving brook trout fishery. Most brookies here average 8"-12" and with the right presentation are not that difficult to catch. Six different streams are shown.
SW Wisconsin Trout Streams DVD Trailer 1 WATCH DVD TRAILER 1 The first trailer for the DVD Trout Streams of SW Wisconsin, North. This is just 1 of 57 streams revealed in the 2 disk video. Here we are fishing for brown trout in late September using woolly buggers and nymphs. A #12 beadhead bloody mary was particularly effective.
Nice brook trout, DVD Trailer 2 WATCH DVD TRAILER 2 The second trailer for the DVD Trout Streams of SW Wisconsin, North. This trailer features a very productive brook trout stream seldom fished by others. Spinners, woolly buggers, soft hackles and wet flies all hooked their share of fish, many of which where able to shake free before being landed. Again, this is just 1 of 57 streams revealed in the video. Total run length is 3 hours 32 minutes.
15 inch rainbow trout from SW Wisconsin WATCH DVD TRAILER 3 Another trailer from the DVD Trout Streams of SW Wisconsin, North. This is a really great little spring creek. In one day of fishing it produced brook trout up to 11", rainbows up to 15" and brown trout up to 16". Surprisingly very few people fish it, although anyone who wants to (and knows where it is!) can.
Crow Hollow Creek, Wisconsin WATCH CROW HOLLOW CREEK Crow Hollow Creek is a small trout stream in southwest Wisconsin that is just full of small brown trout. It is a tributary of the Kickapoo River. Not many people fish this stream. Not many people even know it exists, although this film may change that a little. There are about 4 miles of class I trout water.
Fancey Creek, Wisconsin WATCH FANCEY CREEK Fancy Creek is a basic brown and brook trout stream in Southwest Wisconsin. It does produce the occasional trophy fish of either species on occasion. In this early April day I battled the cold and wind and ended up catching a few fish on spinners and scuds.
Gran Grae Creek, Wisconsin WATCH GRAN GRAE CREEK Gran Grae Creek is a trout stream in Southwest Wisconsin flowing into the Wisconsin River. There are about twice as many brown trout as brook trout and they get over 18" on this stream. The stream does not receive much pressure and I've always considered it one of the more charming creeks in the area.
Kepler Branch, Wisconsin WATCH KEPLER BRANCH Kepler Branch is a small spring creek in southwest Wisconsin offering 1.5 miles of class 1 trout water. It is a tributary to the better known Mill Creek. There are public easements on the lower mile. Both brown trout and brook trout are available. The fish are usually not more than 12 inches but the small setting makes them seem larger.
Knapp Creek, Wisconsin WATCH KNAPP CREEK Knapp Creek offers 14 miles of class I trout water in Southwest Wisconsin. There are few residents in this area and little traffic, so the area does tend to be quiet and a good place to take a nap. It is also a good place to fish for brown trout, some of which can get big, along with the occasional brook trout. There is a mixture of public leases and private land having access via bridges and inlet streams.
Mill Creek, Wisconsin WATCH MILL CREEK Mill Creek is a tributary to the Wisconsin River in southwest Wisconsin offering 10 miles of class 2 trout water. There is good public access and some of that features a catch and release section. Most of the fish are brown trout with a few brook trout present. Deep holes in the lower half of the river are known to hold trophy browns over 20 inches long.
Pine River, Wisconsin WATCH PINE RIVER The Pine River in Southwest Wisconsin offers 19 miles of class 2 trout water. The lower section, from Melanchton Creek down to Richland Center, is know for producing trophy brown trout in the 20 to 24 inch range. Unfortunately the stream runs thru private property and is too deep to wade. Canoeing is an option but occasional log jams are going to make for difficult portages. The upper section is much easier to fish but does not have as many trophy browns as the lower section. Who said catching a trophy brown was easy? Special thanks to guest angler Jay Thurston, author and local fishing expert.
Rullands Coulee Creek, Wisconsin WATCH RULLANDS COULEE CREEK What a beautiful stream! Rullands Coulee Creek is located in Southwest Wisconsin and is a tributary to the well known Timber Coulee Creek. It is a highly spring fed stream offering 4.5 miles of class I trout water with a reasonable amount of public access. Small browns are highly abundant and good sized brook trout are also present. These fish can be spooky and difficult to catch.
Silver Creek, Wisconsin WATCH SILVER CREEK Silver Creek is a unique stream of southwest Wisconsin offering 7 miles of class 1 trout water. It is unique in that it flows thru an environment more typical of Northern Wisconsin and also because it resides on the Fort McCoy military reserve. You need a special permit to fish here and do take care not to get bombed or shot while on the premises. Brook trout are the main fish species, and downstream of Coles Creek they can get big.
Weister Creek, Wisconsin WATCH WEISTER CREEK Weister Creek is a small tributary to the Kickapoo River in SW Wisconsin. It offers 7 miles of class 1 trout water for wild brown trout and planted brook trout. It is easy to wade and has good access, either via public land below County Road P or via bridge crossings.
Springville Branch, Wisconsin WATCH SPRINGVILLE BRANCH I decided to post this video after hearing about a proposal to dump waste water from the town of Viroqua into the headwaters area of this wonderful limestone spring creek. If that does end up happening I hope it will not have an adverse affect on this excellent fishery.
Brown Trout TRY BRIDGES FOR SUMMER TROUT Another extra from the DVD, Trout Stream of SW WI. Filmed on July 5, this shows the tendency of brown trout in small creeks to seek the shade provided by bridges during hot sunny summers. As you can see, some of these trout get pretty big.
Jay Thurston WATCH UNDERHAND FLIP CAST Jay Thurston, a great trout fisherman and author of "Spring Creek Treasures", explains his ingenious underhand flip cast. This allows a spin fisherman to more easily cast in small streams with intruding tree branches. This is an excerpt from the DVD "Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North".
NW Wisconsin smallmouth bass stream WATCH NW WIS SMBASS STREAM Fishing a smallmouth bass stream in NW Wisconsin in early July. We are using 1/8th oz weedless jigs with 3 inch power bait. We caught a lot more fish but it would be a long video if I showed them all.
Milwaukee River with deer WATCH MILWAUKEE RIVER SMALLMOUTH BASS Despite its proximity to a major metropolitan center, the Milwaukee River is full of smallmouth bass and a haven for wildlife. Due to the recent hot weather the smaller bass were hitting. Typically they average a couple inches larger. Other sections of the river offer good fishing for northern pike and channel catfish.
Copper Creek, SW Wisconsin WATCH COPPER CREEK Copper Creek, a fine brown trout stream in Crawford county, SW Wisconsin, is of particular concern at this time due to the proposed high capacity well at its headwaters that may seriously dewater the stream. With insufficient water there won't be many trout left. As you can see in the video, this stream is a joy to fish and it would be ashamed if we ever loose it.
Copper Creek, near Madison, WI COPPER CREEK Near Madison, WI This Copper Creek is in LaFayette County, about an hour South of Madison, Wisconsin. It is a category 3, class 2 brown trout stream. The middle section offers the best fishing for wild brown trout.
Lovetts Creek, near Madison, WI LOVETTS CREEK Near Madison, WI Found in south central Wisconsin, Lovett Creek is a category 5 class 2 brown trout stream. With the exception of an occasional deep hole, the section below Cty Rd M tends to suffer from excessive sedimentation. Above M there has been habitat improvement and a public fishing easement. This area is spring fed.
Steiner Branch, near Madison, WI STEINER BRANCH Near Madison, WI Steiner Branch is the only brook trout stream in Lafayette County, of south central Wisconsin. You will want to fish it upstream of CTH F where rehabilitation work and a steeper gradient has created some good habitat for the trout. The stream runs along Yellowstone SP (not NP!) and has good public access. I missed several decent brook trout while fishing this cold April day.
Trout Brook, near Madison, WI TROUT BROOK Near Madison, WI Trout Brook is a small little trout stream near the Wisconsin/Illinois border. It does not suffer from the sedimentation problems that other trout streams in this area do and has good spring flow. I did not catch any trout but did see a few browns around 10". You can access this stream from Dunbarton Rd.
Wolf Creek, near Madison, WI WOLF CREEK Near Madison, WI Wolf Creek is a category 5 class 2 brown trout stream about 1 hour south of Madison, WI. The first section shown is upstream of the town of Gratiot and has some public fishing easements. The 2nd section is near Cub Hollow Rd. There is limestone bedrock, springs and good looking pools but sedimentation can be an issue.
Carp from Beaver Dam River, Wisconsin BEAVER DAM RIVER, SE Wisconsin An old video from May 2009, this shows the a typical day of fishing the Beaver Dam River. It is a tributary of the Crawfish River, which flows into the Rock River and then Lake Koshkonong. Located in SE Wisconsin it is about an hours drive from either Milwaukee or Madison but doesn't seem to get much fishing pressure. Lots of rough fish are here: carp, channel catfish, sheepshead and bullhead. White bass are common during spring.
Fish from Crawfish River, Wisconsin CRAWFISH RIVER, SE Wisconsin An old video from August 2009, the Crawfish River is a tributary of the Rock River in southeast Wisconsin, in between Milwaukee and Madison. There are a lot of rough fish in this stream: carp, catfish (mostly channel but some flatheads), bullhead, dog fish, and sheepshead. During spring white bass are common plus there are a few walleye and northern pike.
Cave of the Mounds WATCH CAVE TOUR Cave of the Mounds near Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the most scenic caves in the USA. It has been designated as a National Natural Landmark. Watch the video and see for yourself. The background music features one of my coolest tunes, Reverberations, from the Beauty Creek album.
Kickapoo Indian Caverns WATCH KICKAPOO INDIAN CAVERN Kickapoo Indian Caverns is the largest cave in Wisconsin. Located in SW Wisconsin, east of Prarie Du Chien, this cave is not visited nearly as much as Cave of the Mounds but is every bit as impressive. Tours are given once a day. The cavern height is an astounding 65 feet.
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