Silver Creek, a Wisconsin trout stream View from Sky Valley trail, Jasper, Alberta. A couple large carp from the Lemonweir River, Wisconsin. Mormon Coulee Creek, a Wisconsin trout stream



DVD: How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

DVD: Trout Streams of the Tetons

DVD: Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

DVD: Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

DVD: Trout Streams of Virginia

DVD: Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

Trout Streams of the Tetons

Trout Streams of Virginia

Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

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Trout Stream Testimonials

This guy seems like the calmest, nicest guy ever. -Adam Hoffman

In general, I prefer for my films to speak for themselves. However, if you haven't watched one of my films then how do you know they are worth watching? I am referring to my full length films, my DVDs, not the little clips I put out on YouTube. Therefore I thought it might be helpful if I gathered some comments and put them in one centralized location.

Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

Probably my favorite comment is this hand written letter from a Michigan angler who enjoyed my DVD Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West so much he watched 100 times in a year. Now that is a compliment. A film has to be pretty good for someone to watch it 100 times. Below is an excerpt. You can read a photo of the letter by clicking here.

Last year after seeing your ad in Michigan Trout Magazine I ordered your DVD "Trout Streams of Michigan UP West." I love watching this video. I bet I've watched it 100 times. I get so much enjoyment from seeing all the scenery and watching you and Ann fish these streams. I am eagerly awaiting and looking forward to videos on other regional Michigan streams. I will purchase every one you make.

Here are some additional comments from people who have watched my DVD Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

Dan does an great job of capturing what it is like to fish the wonderful woods of Michigan's upper peninsula. You get to see a whole lot of these streams. He doesn't just stand there talking about them like some other trout stream films I've seen. There is no other resource like this out there and I am hoping he publishes a DVD about the Eastern UP some day. Well done. -Amazon

This DVD is very excellent

What impressed me the most was the amount of streams covered. You get a look at places it would take a lot of time and effort to scout / fish. The scenery is fantastic, inspirational and great viewing tonic during our long, cold winter. Now I'm really looking forward to next trout season. -Troutfish

Informative Video

My husband is a fly fisherman from Michigan and thoroughly enjoyed this video. He knew of many of the places highlighted in the video. -Pam T.

Very well done video with good insights on where and how to catch trout in the Michigan UP. The photographer was very good and the author went into clear detail on special techniques to catch more trout. I found it highly informative and fun to watch. I would recommend this video to those thinking about fishing this area. -G. Gabris

Great overall view of the rivers featured. -Mark

Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

This was the first DVD I produced and admittedly I've learned a lot since then. Nonetheless, in some ways it remains one of my best. It is a whopping 3 hour 32 minutes long and shows 57 different streams. And can you imagine - I caught a trout in all of them! This region has the most consistent fishing of any region in the mid-west. Many of these streams have basically no published information on them outside of my DVD other than the DNR listing them as trout streams. And while SW Wisconsin can't match the scenary of the Rockies or the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula it does possess a peaceful charm of rolling coulee hills, small scale farms, plenty of meadows, forests and few people.

This is an excellent DVD, although a little unconventional in some respects. There is great photography showing the streams in all of their scenic splendor, a highly informative E-book and an ingenious method of fly fishing with a spinning rod. Wisconsin anglers should be glad to have a DVD like this covering the best trout fishing area of the upper midwest. Very entertaining. -Amazon

Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

This film is slightly over 2 hours long and covers over 4 dozen streams. It covers the Western half of publically accessible trout streams in North Carolina, including those of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The film has not been out long and not yet received many viewings but the following comments have been posted:

Amazing video!! Keep it up!! -Fishing Somakuma

Nice vid. -AnschlagDrill

Thanks for the great little video, going to check out your dvd. -Chuckey

Trout Streams of Virginia

This film is over 2 hours long and covers 50 streams, including over a dozen of the best streams in Shanandoah National Park. It is recently published but the following reviews have been posted:

Beautiful video, well done. -Mark Martin

Looks nice! -David R

I live in VA and am new to trout fishing. There are a lot of resources available to identify streams on maps, but this video is invaluable in that it highlights some of the best, how to get to them, and the types of trout to find. It is really helpful to actually see the streams and the fishing in action, and gives an idea of what to expect. This is not the kind of thing you can discover by looking at maps, and it saves hours of time travelling to discover a stream may not be what was expected. Although it is not a "how to" video by any means, it is very helpful watching the participants fish, and Dan also provides useful information on the types of flies used as well in different locations. -VGK from Virginia

Trout Streams of the Tetons

This film has been published very recently and does not yet have any reviews.

How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

While there may be many skeptics out there, I am convinced this is the greatest improvement in freshwater sportfishing methodology of all time. It is a unique film in that the person who developed the method (me) is presenting it and I had 10 years of film to draw upon to support all of my points. This method has received praise from five different continents, literally around the world.

Loved it. Learned a lot. Thanks. -M. Griffiths

It is a very informative and easy way to learn how to fly fish with spinning gear. -Ted Love

It's a good informative product. Thx -Jack H.

Oh my God, you are a freaking genius!!! -GetRichBuyGuns

What a good idea, I'm going to try that. -Jenny Baca

Fantastic Video! -K McBain

Clever solutions :) -Gustav Johnson

This my friend is a awesome video and I can't wait to try this method out. I am very excited to give this a try and expand my fun times doing what I love to do. Thank you so much. -Chris Garza

Great and amazing tips on all 3 videos. Thank you. -Shahin Mahdiani

Learned a lot in a short amount of time! Thanks and good luck out there. -Whamo Blamo

Thanks for the vid. -Terry Miller

That's actually a really smart idea. I'll have to try that out. -Scot

Great vid my dude. -Traci Willger

And it works. I have just taken a beautiful brown, with a small daredevl and a black mymph. Thank you for your video. -Claude Lauzon, Quebec

Thank you for sharing your methods! -FikeAndHish

Excellent video, thanks! -Dustin C Mills

Great video. Thanks for your sharing your methods! -Benjamin Aspillaga

Wow!!! What a great way to fish! Thanks :) 1:30 in and you've already taught me something. I'm impressed man. Spot on! -letun3481

Thanks for the vid. -Calvin M

Genius. -Pahanin

Well done excellent video. -Pecanje sa Aleksandrom

Nice Vid!! -RodrgSV

GREAT vid!!! Excellent info to use and apply to my brother who only uses a spinning reel and doesn't know how to fly fish streams that only allow flies and lures only. Going to try these and see how it goes. -Rich Felon

Enjoyable and helpful video. -Aspie Pickerr

Thanks. -Kenneth Rubio

Very nice video thanks. -Drewhon

Great vid. Straight to the point. No raz-matz. -Brandon Bradley

Great video. -Turtle79

Nice video...Good ideas.. -Ugsisr

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