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DVD: How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

DVD: Trout Streams of the Tetons

DVD: Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

DVD: Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

DVD: Trout Streams of Virginia

DVD: Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

Trout Streams of the Tetons

Trout Streams of Virginia

Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

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Cache La Poudre River Brook Trout, Colorado WATCH_CACHE LA POUDRE RIVER The Cache La Poudre River in northern Colorado is a fairly long stream offering a lot of public fishing opportunities. On this day I fished the upper section in the Comanche Peak Wilderness. Both the stream as well as its fish displayed a special scenery.
South Fork Cache La Poudre River, Colorado WATCH_CACHE LA POUDRE RIVER SOUTH FORK The South Fork Cache la Poudre River flows for 27 miles in northern Colorado, starting in Rocky Mountain N.P. and finally joining the main Cache la Poudre River near Highway 14. The lower section runs thru the scenic Cache la Poudre wilderness area and can be accessed by parking along Hwy 14 and crossing the Cache la Poudre. The middle section can be accessed via a 4WD road. Brown trout are the main species with a few rainbows and cutthroats. Greenback cutthroats are said to reside in the upper section.
Gore Canyon, Colorado River WATCH_COLORADO RIVER The Colorado River is a very long trout stream in Colorado offering a wide variety of fishing opportunities. It is a designated Gold Medal stream. I spent several days exploring the central section including the following areas: Gore Canyon, Kemp Breeze SWA, Byers Canyon and Hot Sulphur Springs SWA.
Elk River, Colorado WATCH_ELK RIVER The Elk River is the main tributary to the Yampa River in northwestern Colorado. Aside from the Christina State Wildlife Area most of the public fishing is in the Medicine-Bow Routt National Forest. Rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout and cutthroat trout are all present.
N.F. Elk River, Colorado WATCH_ELK RIVER NORTH FORK The North Fork Elk River is my favorite part of the Elk River watershed. Flowing entirely thru the Mount Zirkel Wilderness for 15 miles, there is a trail head and trail giving access. I caught rainbows, brook trout and especially the Colorado River cutthroat trout. This is one of those streams an angler could camp out on for several days and fish a lot of water without seeing another angler.
Lost Creek, Colorado WATCH_LOST CREEK Lost Creek is a small tributary to Colorado's North Fork White River. The fish are strictly cutthroat trout. A steep hike thru the White River National Forest is required to get to it. Regulations require catch and release, artificial flies and lures only.
Mad Creek, Colorado WATCH_MAD CREEK Mad Creek and the south fork of Mad Creek offer good public fishing access in Colorado's Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area via trail 1100. While Mad Creek has brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout, the south fork is strictly brook trout.
19 inch brown trout from Muddy Creek, Colorado WATCH_MUDDY CREEK and the 19" Brown Trout Muddy Creek is a short, meandering tailwater stream flowing into the Colorado River. In the spring it can have good action for large rainbow trout and in the fall large brown trout move in, such as this 19" specimen.
North Fork Big Thompson River WATCH_NORTH FORK BIG THOMPSON RIVER The North Fork Big Thompson River starts below Rowe Glacier in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, and flows for 22 miles. There is plenty of public access. This film shows the area along the North Fork trail. I wouldn't rate the fishing as great but there are rainbows, browns and a few brook and cutthroat trout to be caught. It is a scenic stream.
Sarvis Creek, Colorado WATCH_SARVIS CREEK Sarvis Creek, sometimes referred to as Service Creek, is a tributary to Colorado's Yampa River. The lower portion is private but the upper 15 miles run through the the Sarvis Creek Wilderness Area. It is a unique stream in that portions flow thru a large boulder field and at times completely disappear yet small open pockets still produce good brook trout fishing.
S.F. South Platte River, CO WATCH_SOUTH FORK SOUTH PLATTE RIVER The South Fork South Platte River was the first stream I fished in the Rocky Mountains over 20 years ago. It is now my first stream to film from Colorado. More Colorado trout streams will follow.
Middle St. Vrain Creek, CO WATCH_ST. VRAIN CREEK MIDDLE The Middle St. Vrain Creek rises along the Continental Divide near St. Vrain Mountain just south of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It is said to offer good fishing for rainbow trout. Two national forest campgrounds and a trail are found alongside it.
North St. Vrain Creek, CO WATCH_ST. VRAIN CREEK NORTH The North St. Vrain Creek flows thru a remote canyon near Hwy 36, not far from Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a decent trout stream with above average scenery. On this day I took trail 920 for a steep decent into the canyon and tried my luck with the trout.
Tarryall Creek, Colorado WATCH_TARRYALL CREEK Just about the only portion of 68 mile long Tarryall Creek that has significant public access is the lower several miles where it runs thru the Pike National Forest as it joins the South Platte River. The 3 mile hike is steep and difficult. A 4WD road CR-210 can get you to the trailhead. Browns and rainbows are the main species.
North Fork White River, Colorado WATCH_WHITE RIVER NORTH FORK Colorado's North Fork White River has about 9 miles of public access in the upper and middle sections. Brown, rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout are all reported in this stream although all I caught were rainbows. The current is fairly fast and there are lots of caddis in the stream. And yes, do be careful you don't get stuck in the impenetrable vegetation that grows along the banks.
South Fork White River, Colorado WATCH_WHITE RIVER SOUTH FORK The South Fork White River is known to have good fishing for brook, brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout to about 14 inches and sometimes a little more. The lower section runs thru private property but the upper 16 miles run thru national forest and wilderness areas. A small campground and trailhead gives access to this area.
9 inch brook trout from Middle Fork Williams Fork River WATCH_MIDDLE FORK WILLIAMS FORK RIVER The Middle Fork of the Williams Fork River is a small stream in Northern Colorado that is full of little brook trout. The best access is via trail from the National Forest Service Sugar Loaf campground. Most of the fish will be in the 4 to 6 inch range but I did catch one that was 9 inches long.
Yampa River, Colorado WATCH_YAMPA RIVER The Yampa River in NW Colorado, downstream of Stagecoach Reservoir, is a good tailwater fishery for rainbow and brown trout. Some really big fish have been caught from that area. Habitat improvements have helped the fishery. It does receive a good amount of fly fishing pressure.
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