Virginia trout stream Virginia trout stream Virginia trout stream Virginia trout stream Virginia trout stream


DVD: How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

DVD: Trout Streams of the Tetons

DVD: Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

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DVD: Trout Streams of Virginia

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How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

Trout Streams of the Tetons

Trout Streams of Virginia

Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

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Trout & Bass Stream Fishing Videos of the Virginias

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The DVD Trout Streams of Virginia covers the following streams: Back Creek, Big Snake Creek, Big Stony Creek, Big Wilson Creek, Buffalo Creek, Bullpasture River, Comer Creek, Cowpasture River, Craig Creek, Crooked Creek, Dan River, Dry River, East Fork Crooked Creek, Fox Creek, Green Cove Creek, Jackson River, Laurel Fork, Little Snake Creek, Little Stony Creek, Left Fork Wilson Creek, Little Tumbling Creek, Little Wilson Creek, Mill Creek, Mossy Creek, Muddy Run, North Fork Stewarts Creek, Passage Creek, Roaring Run, South Fork Holston River, South Fork Stewarts Creek, Smith Creek, Smith River, Spring Run, St Mary River, Stewarts Creek, Whitetop Laurel and Wilson Creek.

Also included in Trout Streams of Virginia are over a dozen of the best streams from Shenandoah National Park: Big Run, Rocky Mountain Run, Conway River, Hughes River, Jeremy's Run, Laural Prong, Madison Run, Mill Prong, North Fork Moormans River, North Fork Thorton River, Piney River, Rapidan River, Rose River and White Oak Run.

Over 2 hours long and 50 streams total, it is the most complete film of trout fishing in Virginia ever made. It is the 4th film published by Coppersmith Studios about regional trout streams. Both informative and entertaining, it is highly recommended for all serious trout anglers who fish or are considering fishing for trout in Virginia.

Trailer for DVD Trout Streams of Virginia WATCH TRAILER for TROUT STREAMS OF VIRGINIA The definitive film of where to go trout fishing in Virginia. Also covers portions of Shanandoah National Park. Over 2 hours long and 50 of Virginia's top trout streams covered.
Trailer for DVD Trout Streams of Virginia WATCH SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK TROUT STREAMS This is the second trailer for the DVD Trout Streams of Virginia. It focuses on the portion covering fishing in Shenandoah National Park and the many good brook trout streams to be found there.
Trout streams of Virginia Trout streams of Virginia
Fishing Jeremys Run, Shenandoah NP, VA WATCH JEREMYS RUN, VA Jeremys Run is one of the longer brook trout streams running thru Shenandoah National Park. From the Elkwallow picknick area off Skyline Drive you can hike down to the stream. There don't seem to be many people fishing in this area. Maybe that's why the action was so good.
Fishing Hughes River, Shenandoah NP, VA WATCH HUGHES RIVER, VA The Hughes River is a brook trout stream in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. On this day I did most of my fishing in the rain and it seemed to help the action considerably. The autumn colors were at their peak.
Fishing North Fork Thorton River, Shenandoah NP, VA WATCH NORTH FORK THORTON RIVER, VA The North Fork Thorton River is just a small stream where it runs thru Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. During the spring when water levels are higher it is known to be a good producer of native brook trout. When I fished it in the fall the water was a lot lower and all I encountered were chubs but they were fun to catch too. A good trail follows the stream for a few miles.
Fishing White Oak Canyon Run, Shenandoah NP, VA WATCH WHITE OAK CANYON RUN, VA The most scenic stream in all of Shenandoah National Park and perhaps all of Virginia, White Oak Canyon Run is a stream worth fishing. There are some good sized brook trout in that creek and while they can be tough to catch it is a great reward if you succeed.
Fishing Back Creek, VA WATCH BACK CREEK, VA Back Creek, a tributary to the Jackson River in Bath County, Virginia, has public access in the Virginia Power Company's Recreation Area and another public access area downstream near Blowing Springs and Route 39. When the lower section is stocked the fishing can be pretty good.
Fishing Big Wilson Creek, VA WATCH BIG WILSON CREEK, VA There are 4 distinct sections of this watershed to go trout fishing. Big Wilson creek along highway 58 downstream of Highlands State Park, where it is stocked. In the state park you have fishing for wild trout in a smaller stream with hike-in access, and also the 2 tributaries, Little Wilson and Wilburn Creeks, which require hike-in access in the park. All 4 sections are shown in this video.
Fishing Little Sony Creek, VA WATCH LITTLE STONY CREEK, VA Little Stony Creek offers 3 miles of public fishing for wild rainbow and brook trout. Current regulations require artificial flies and lures only. For a small fee you can park at the trailhead and hike 3 miles to the 66 foot high waterfall. There is supposedly more public fishing for wild brook trout above the falls but I could not figure out how to get beyond the steep cliffs.
Fishing Passage Creek, VA WATCH PASSAGE CREEK, VA Passage Creek, located in Northern Virginia, is stocked where there is public access in the George Washington National Forest. There is a delayed harvest section and a regular harvest section. Some of the fish can be large. The upper section offers good trout habitat but access is inconsistent due to private property.
Fishing Roaring Run, VA WATCH ROARING RUN, VA Roaring Run is a trout stream in Virginia. It is known for its scenic waterfalls and has both a stocked section and a catch and release section.
Fishing South Fork Holson River, VA WATCH SOUTH FORK HOLSTON RIVER, VA The South Fork Holston River in Virginia offers several sections of trout water ranging from good to really good. It is one of the best streams in the area to hook into a trophy trout.
Fishing the Smith River, VA WATCH SMITH RIVER, VA The Smith River is a productive tailwater fishery in south central Virginia. While there are stockings that take place it has a lot of naturally reproducing brown trout. If you search out the water a few miles downstream near Fieldale you may encounter larger brown trout.
Fishing St. Mary River, VA WATCH ST. MARY RIVER, VA The St. Mary River flows thru the appropriately named St. Mary Wilderness in central Virginia. From the parking area there is a good trail following the river for some miles into the wilderness. Brook trout are the primary species in the stream.
Fishing Stewarts Creek, VA WATCH STEWARTS CREEK, VA Stewarts Creek along with its north and south fork are predominately brook trout streams near the southern border of Virginia. While the lower section of Stewarts Creek does have a stocked section the portions you see here feature native brook trout. There is a public wildlife management area giving access. The trail only goes up to the confluence of the north and south forks. Supposedly you can also access the north and south forks from a point upstream.
Fishing Whitetop Laurel Creek, VA WATCH WHITETOP LAUREL CREEK, VA Whitetop Laurel is one of Virginias top trout streams featuring 13 miles of good water. It is also Virginias largest natural trout stream. The Creeper Trail follows it part of the way giving good access to many miles of water. Most of the fish are not more than 12 inches long, so it wouldn't be a destination for those seeking trophy trout. Brown trout and rainbows are the most common species.
Fishing the Dan River, at Townes Dam WATCH DAN RIVER at Townes Dam, VA A day spent fly fishing the Dan River near the Townes Dam in south central Virginia. While this portion of the stream has a good reputation for brown, rainbow and brook trout we had only limited success. The high point of this video is when I almost hooked a hawk.
Fishing Craig Creek, Virginia WATCH DAN RIVER at Pinnacle Power Plant, VA The Dan River between the Pinnacle Power Plant and the Townes Dam offers about 2 miles of fishing for wild brook, brown and rainbow trout. You need a free permit to fish it. I consider it one of the more scenic and easily waded streams in that area. We caught just a few fish that day but it is reputed to be pretty good.
Fishing Craig Creek, Virginia WATCH CRAIG CREEK, VA Craig Creek is a tributary of the James River. The lower portion shown here has good fishing for smallmouth bass and large pickeral. I show a bit of my 12' 33 pound Old Town canoe in the video. They don't make that model anymore as no one manufatures Royalex, the main substance it is made of.
Fishing Cowpasture River, Virginia WATCH COWPASTURE RIVER, VA A day fishing and canoeing the Cowpature River in Virginia. This is the publicly accessible Wallace Tract. This section is supposed to be good for rock bass and smallmouth bass but I caught neither.
Fishing Laurel Fork, Virginia WATCH TENKARA FLYFISHING LAUREL FORK, VA Laurel Fork is an excellent wilderness trout stream with plenty of good native brook trout available. The 3 to 4 mile hike keeps fishing pressure low. All fish caught and released on a #14 copper john nymph.
Fishing Smith Creek, Virginia WATCH TENKARA FLYFISHING SMITH CREEK, VA I spent an afternoon with my Tenkara fly rod fishing the middle section of Smith Creek in Virginia. This section is very different from the lower section which has considerably more fish. I could see a lot of little brook trout here but if you want to fish this section I recommend doing so after the stocking truck stops by.
Fishing Blackwater River, West Virginia WATCH BLACKWATER RIVER, WV I tried fishing the Blackwater River of West Virginia, including the canyon area, and found it was not an easy ordeal to undertake. I did not catch any trout but I didn't die climbing down the canyon either, so I can't complain too much. The canyon is fly fishing only and said to be good for brown and rainbow trout which can grow to large sizes.
Fishing Bluestone River, West Virginia WATCH BLUESTONE RIVER, WV The Bluestone River in West Virginia is a tributary to the New River and offers some good smallmouth bass fishing. There is a tramway ride from Pipestem State Park and then a trail follows the river downstream offering 7 miles of public fishing to Bluestone State Park. I hooked and lost several nice bass 15"-20". I think my hook was a little dull. I also did a little Tenkara fly fishing on this stream.
Fishing Seneca Creek, West Virginia WATCH SENECA CREEK, WV Here I am fishing Seneca Creek, WV, in late September with my Tenkara fly rod. This is a Trout Unlimited top 100 trout stream. This time of year the water gets low and the fish are very spooky. They say the best fishing starts 2 miles above the trail head but I recommend 3. There is a good trail that parallels the creek and I didn't see another fisherman this day.
Fishing Red Run Creek, West Virginia WATCH RED RUN CREEK, WV Here I'm fishing the upper portion of Red Run Creek in West Virginia in the Monongahela National Forest. In late September the water was low so I probably should have fished the downstream portion instead. The colorful brook trout hit a #12 soft hackle, one of my favorite flies. The lower section of this creek is known for lots of brown trout.
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