Bee Creek, Minnesota Brown trout from Winnebago Creek, Minnesota Bee Creek, Minnesota Brook trout from Gooseberry Creek Gooseberry Creek in Minnesota


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How to Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

Trout Streams of the Tetons

Trout Streams of Virginia

Trout Streams of North Carolina, West

Trout Streams of Michigan, U.P. West

Trout Streams of Southwest Wisconsin, North

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Fishing Videos of Minnesota

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Bee Creek, Minnesota WATCH BEE CREEK Bee Creek is a small trout stream in the far southeast corner of Minnesota. It flows into Iowa where it is renamed as Waterloo Creek. That section is stocked and some of those fish migrate into Minnesota. There are 3 miles of good trout for brown trout and about 2 miles of leased land.
South Fork Root River, Minnesota WATCH SOUTH FORK ROOT RIVER The South Fork of the Root River is a good sized trout stream with a number of good fishing tributaries in Minnesota's Driftless area. It flows south of the better known South Branch Root River. There are a lot of public easements along this stream. Here I fish the lower trout section of this stream and also the upper section. The fish are mostly brown trout and while some are of modest size there are lunkers in the deeper pools that get caught periodically.
Spring Valley Creek, Minnesota WATCH SPRING VALLEY CREEK Spring Valley Creek is a spring creek in the southeast Minnesota driftless area offering over 10 miles of trout fishing. The easiest access is in the town of Spring Valley where there is a public park and the stream is stocked (a rare thing for SE Minnesota). And yes there are plenty of fish in this area including both rainbow and brown trout. There is additional public access a few miles further downstream.
Trout Run, Minnesota WATCH TROUT RUN Trout Run is one of Minnesota's most well known trout streams. It is a spring creek in the driftless region offering 13 miles off fishing for brown trout and some brook trout too. Much of the land has easements to allow public fishing from the shoreline. I fished 2 places, first the lower section near the Bucksnort dam and then the upper section near the town of Troy. During summer evenings when there is a hot spell you can watch the brown trout trying to jump over Bucksnort Dam. Most are 10-12 inches but we saw some that looked to be over 20 inches long. Catching the ones below the dam is not easy.
Winnebago Creek, Minnesota WATCH WINNEBAGO CREEK On my first trout fishing trip in Minnesota I fished Winnebago Creek in the far southeastern corner of the state. This is mostly a brown trout stream with a few brook trout in the upper section. Long, accurate casts were needed to entice the wary brown trout that you could easily see in the clear water.

Minnesota North Shore Area

Gooseberry River, Minnesota WATCH GOOSEBERRY RIVER The Gooseberry River flows for 23 miles thru Minnesota's North Shore area into Lake Superior. A barrier falls blocks migrating fish about a half mile rom the lake. Most of the inland fish are brook trout with an occasional brown or rainbow trout. Summer is not the best time to fish as the waters often get too warm in the afternoon. There are several large, scenic waterfalls for public viewing. This is accessible from a free public parking lot just off Hwy 61 near Gooseberry State Park.

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